Our customer story is featured on Marketcircle's Blog today!

Marketcircle, the creators of Daylite (the CRM that we utilize) has featured our customer story on their blog! - Check out the story below.

"Daylite customer Kayla Nezon is the Creative Director for Apexx Global, an event marketing agency based in Toronto, ON that has just launched their new website. Apexx Global is a creative marketing agency that builds world-class corporate experiences for their clients that include loyalty & incentive programs, event management and lifestyle experiences. Apexx Global has exclusive access to prestigious events around the world including the Superbowl, Masters Tournament, The Grammy Awards, and More! They take pride in doing everything in-house from their graphic design work to their event planning and execution. Apexx Global uses Daylite to keep their team organized throughout the event process from concept to experience.

Marketcircle: What do you love most about being Creative Director for Apexx Global?

Kayla Nezon: I love being able to work towards a final project that will completely WOW our clients. I enjoy putting together experiences for people because it’s creative. For each client, we come up with a unique type of event experience that’s specialized individually. It’s not just a destination experience, but also an experience to cross off their bucket list. An example would be taking an eco-tour in Rio and then attending a finals match of the World Cup. Whether it’s for a law firm or the top sales people of a car dealership as an incentive program, we give these people an unforgettable experience."

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