Ten Interesting Facts about The Masters & Augusta National

Every April, we head down to Augusta, Georgia to manage our clients' golf experiences at The Masters. The Tournament and Augusta National Golf Course are rich in history, tradition and some very interesting facts that we wanted to share with you - Check out the list below!

  MAGNOLIA LANE //  Entrance into Augusta National

MAGNOLIA LANE // Entrance into Augusta National

  1. Members first began wearing green jackets in 1939 as a way for patrons to recognize them if they needed help or had questions about the tournament or the golf course.
  2. Sandwiches still cost under $3 at concession stands at Augusta National.
  3. To this day, children of Masters badge-holders between the ages of 8 and 16 can enter the grounds for free when accompanied by the badge-holder.
  4. The land where Augusta National now resides was an indigo plantation until 1857. A year later, the new owners opened a nursery that operated until 1910. In 1931, Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts purchased the old Fruitland Nurseries' property to build their dream golf course.
  5. Each of the holes at Augusta National is named for a specific plant, flower or tree.
  6. Augusta National is a seasonal club. It is closed in May and remains closed until October. This is the time when maintenance is done to the course and grounds to keep them looking as beautiful as they are.
  7. In 1967, The Masters initiated the first international live sports broadcast when the BBC sent the signals abroad.
  8. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Champions Tour player John Harris are the only professional golfers who are members.
  9. All trees, flowers, greens and shrubs are hand watered.
  10. You cannot apply to be a member at Augusta National - You can only be invited.
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